Special Cranberry,Walnut and Chatine Sensation

Sometimes itís the simple things in life that are most pleasurable

Need an energy boost? This one will cheer you up in no time.
North-American cranberries enveloped in a white chocolate coat. A perfect match of sweet and fruity-sour.
Walnuts from the Perigord, collected from the tree of life, coated with a deliciously creamy milk chocolate, elegantly dusted with cocoa powder.
Try one and we guarantee you won’t forget it!
Sweet-scented hazel-nuts from the Italian Aosta-valley, enrobed in a delicate cloud of aromatic chocolate.
Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are most pleasurable. 560 g or 19.5 OZ

Special Cranberry,Walnut and Chatine Sensation

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