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Exclusive Truffles
Fresh, creamy and crunchy. A selection 24 pieces of the most exquisite high-quality chocolate truffles for connoisseurs. Caramel and real liquors such as rum and kirr royale add a hint of naughtiness to these delicacies. 370 g or 12.9 OZ

Fresh, creamy and crunchy

Exclusive Selection
An elegant medley of hand-made pralines that will please the most divergent tastes. You will harvest compliments for your good taste. Success is guaranteed. 300 g or 10,5 OZ

Elegant medley of hand-made pralines

Special Coffee , Almond and Hazelnut Sensation

Black magic, dark and sensual. Roasted sweet coffee beans covered in an exquisite dark chocolate coat.
Two continents softly melting and mixing on your tongue.
Californian almonds enrobed in delicate Italian gianduya with extra cocoa butter.
The best of both worlds…
The natural taste of crunchy hazel-nuts surrounded by a soft coat of gianduya.
This will send you nuts! 3 drums in total 600 g or 20.9 OZ

Black magic, dark and sensual

Original Truffel Sensation
The recipe is a family secret, we call it the king of truffles.
The world’s best flake truffle is made with an original Belgian recipe, handed down from one generation to the next.
Even the children adore it.
We have selected an exclusive box to house this special delicacy.

The King of Truffles

Classic Selection
Tradition and quality are the foundations of this classic selection. It contains 35 pralines and a generous range of hand-made Belgian pralines with the softest of fillings. Chocolate, cream, butter and Piemont hazel-nuts, all perfectly in balance. Indulge yourself with luxury. 460g or 16 OZ

Indulge yourself with luxury

Classic White Delight
Special selection for the gourmet who prefers the soft milky taste of white chocolate. Only white pralines and truffles, decorated with a touch of black or milk chocolate. They hide inside them the softest fillings and hazel-nut pralines. Pure delight in a slimline elegant box. 480 g or 16.7 OZ

Pure delight in a slimline elegant box

Crisp Sensation
Butter from the Belgian Ardennes and an exquisite mix of the finest French flours, baked golden brown and delicately strewn with roasted Californian almond chips.You won’t be able to resist these luxurious biscuits!
220 g or 7.6 OZ

You wonít be able to resist these luxurious biscuits!

Luxury Selection

70 times the pleasure. Want to spread happiness amongst friends, your loved ones or your colleagues? This generous collection would suit everybody’s taste, including pralines with soft creamy or butter fillings and praline fillings with real Piemont nuts. Just the thing for any occasion! 920 g or 32 OZ

70 times the pleasure

Milk Chocolate Maxi Slab

Simplicity is the secret. Taste the pureness of chocolate and nothing more. Satin soft, refined, with an intense cocoa flavour. Two giant pieces to explore !

Simplicity is the secret

Originally Belgian Sensation
A typically Belgian chocolate product.
This special selection gives you an assortment of chocolates, dusted with icing sugar. You really should try this!

A typically Belgian chocolate product
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